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In September 2014 a new curriculum was introduced across state schools.  Along with the new curriculum the way pupils were leveled and progress tracked also changed. Schools have been given autonomy to assess and track pupils in the way that is most effective for each individual school. Please find below details of how we have put the curriculum into place at Manorfield and how our pupils are assessed and progress tracked.

The Manorfield message is Caring, Sharing and Inspiring and this underpins the choices we have made with our Curriculum. Our Curriculum is designed to inspire children, to give them a purpose in their learning and to give them a love of learning which will enable, 'Learning for Life'. Alongside this, our curriculum supports our children in becoming caring and responsible individuals within the Manorfield and wider community. 


Power Maths 


Read, Write, Inc. (Phonics and Literacy in KS1) 

Whole Class Reading (VIPERS - Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explain, Retrieve, Sequence or Summarise) 

Religious Education 

At Manorfield we strive to prepare children as much as possible for their future life; Religions and Worldviews are major factors in that future in the 21st century and beyond.

Children need more than ever, to gain an understanding of the cultural conventions, history, politics, moral traditions, customs and mores which embody the fundamental values of the of all communities which they may come into contact with locally and globally in their lifetimes and we hope to begin that understanding here at Manorfield.


Rising Stars

Foundation Subjects 

Our foundation subjects are taught through our topics and connected to each other with links in each topic, across a year and throughout school. Our Topics are chosen to inspire our children, to provide them with knowledge and understanding of the world (often through History, Geography and Science) and creativity (often through Music, Art and DT). Children are encouraged to see a purpose in their learning through the use of the 'Mantle of the Expert' technique for some topics. Other topics are centered round an inspiring person who through their life has shown the Manorfield Muscles, be that courage, determination, resilience etc. 


EYFS  Autumn Term - Celebrations  Spring Term - Healthy & Safe Summer Term - The Way Things Work 









Our School 

Harvest/Little Red Hen 


Bonfire Night 


Our Church 





Trip: Local area - Autumn Walk 

Church Visit 


Chinese New Year


People who help us 

Spring/New Life

Keeping Healthy 






Trip: Local area - Spring Walk 


Mini Beasts 

Life Cycles 


Growing & Plants 





Moving On 



Trip: Local area - Summer Walk 

Beaumanor Hall - The Gruffalo 


Children's progress through school is tracked using a range of monitoring strategies. 

These include:


Progress reports are sent home to parents in Autumn 2 and Spring 2 and a full school report in Summer 2. 


National Curriculum information page: